Tom Lehrer is 91 Today

I always enjoyed listening to Tom Lehrer’s science/math songs when I was younger. Today is his birthday. Here is a twitter thread about him

Ed Southall (@solvemymaths)
4/8/19, 10:34 PM

Today is Tom Lehrer’s birthday. He’s 91. :birthday:
Tom is one of my favourite people on the planet, so for the uninitiated, here’s a thread about him…

Here are all the linked videos

This isn’t new math anymore.

This is remarkable

An older Tom with a song I hadn’t heard before.

A math version of Inside Baseball

I also can’t hear Tom Lehrer without thinking of @Andreas_Jonathan

Hi Stan,
I hadn’t heard that song in the “older Tom” video either. Thanks! I sang a Tom Lehrer song in the Faculty Follies here at Bluffton once or twice, but otherwise I don’t hear it much anymore.