This week is for 50 at 50

When you hit a milestone birthday you need to do something, right? One of my running friends, Mary did this so I figured I’d give it a try. I’m calling it the 50 at 50. Fifty miles in a week. We started out today with a nice 9 miles.

Day 1

I’m also trying to bring in each run at a 9:50 pace. You can see I managed to nail it today.

Day 2

I normally take Monday and Friday off but if you want to do 50 miles you can’t really do that so I just scheduled shorter runs. Just 4 miles today. I had some difficulty reading my pace on the watch so I was off on the pace a bit. I’ll do better next time.

The bigger mileage days start tomorrow.

Day 3

A lovely 7 miles today as I’ve now crossed 20 miles for the week. Twenty miles is my normal weekly mileage but we’re not even halfway there yet.

Day 4

Up to 28 miles for the week. I went over to Green Lake today.

Day 5

The mileage is mounting but there is only about 15 to go. Tomorrow is a “day off” meaning that I only do 4 and I’ll save the rest for a last day long run. The end is in sight.

Day 6

Got it my “short” run over lunch so I have now crossed 40 miles. That is now officially the most I’ve every run in a week (except maybe during high school?). I only have 9.5 miles to go to get to 50.

Day 7

:tada: Got the 50th mile! I was going a little too fast but I figured that didn’t matter.

Here are the totals for the week

Feels good.

My I-Just-Finished-My-50th-Mile-in-7-Days selfie

…and need a shave.

I did 3.10 for you today!

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