My Snow Day (February 2019)

We’ve been having a run of weather for the last week. The snow started on Friday at around noon. We got up Saturday morning to this.

4, maybe 5 inches?

This doesn’t happen very often out here so of course, I had to go out in it.

The temperature was right at about freezing and there was very little wind so I put on my running shoes. I was a bit worried about slipping so I put on a pair of Yak Tracks and headed out. They worked great. I never felt any slippage.

I wanted to see what it looked like west towards the Sound. There are lots of hills out there and I was curious to see if the people there were handling the snow.

As I said, Seattle doesn’t get snow often and when we do it usually melts within a few hours. As a result, the city budgets very little for snow removal so if it doesn’t get above freezing we get very icy streets.

That’s bad if you want to drive your car but it’s pretty sweet if you have a sled.


This is a hill on 105th street that I run fairly often but rarely do I need to dodge sledders.

The neighborhood is called Blue Ridge/North Beach and it sits just south of Carkeek Park.

See what I mean about ‘No plows?’

This is a bridge that has a nice view of the Sound on normal days. Today it’s just a winter wonderland

I eventually came around to one of the major roads in the neighborhood and found it was well plowed.

:musical_note: That name again is Mr. Plow

This is a wealthy neighborhood so I suspect they pay to have it cleared. The city sure doesn’t do work like this.

This road drops down all the way to the water. They have a small park there that normally gets a nice view of the penninsula.

Unfortunately, since you have to drop 100 feet, that means you have to climb out again. The views are nice though and no traffic!

North Beach

Once I climbed out I could have headed home but I was close to Sunset Hill park so I decided to head down there instead. This is a park that overlooks the Sound from on high.

Those are boats down there

I ended up staying there for a long time because it looked like that clouds were breaking and the Sun might make an appearance.

They are out there

Alas, the Sun didn’t quite make it so I headed home. Here’s the full route.

Not very fast but lots of hills

We have a fairly steep hill by our house and it was covered with snow so when I got back I decided to strap on my XC skis and give it a few runs. No pictures of that though since my phone battery was dead. I was able to take a downhill run on two different streets and the alley next to the house. The alley was the scariest because it’s pretty narrow.

The forecast is calling for another big snowstorm or two this coming week so I might have another snow day. Should be fun.

Update: We’ve had two(?) more big snowfalls since Saturday. The second, and hopefully last one was better characterized as heavy slop than snow.

The trees started coming down Monday night and power outages were widespread. Thankfully, we didn’t lose power.

I did see some plows in the neighborhood but this is a more common sight.

See you in May

It has been above freezing for a while now so it’s all turning into slush now with standing water pools at every intersection.

I did see a pretty excellent snow penguin.

Quality work there!

Snow penguin has evolved (devolved?)