Mt Washington Hike, 2019

This is a hike I’ve done a few times. It’s good as a training hike because it’s:

  1. Close by and right off the Interstate
  2. Got good distance and elevation gain numbers
  3. Not a high traffic trail like the Mt. Si trail on the other side of the highway.
  4. On the northern exposed slopes on the way up to Snoqualmie Pass so you hike mostly in shade.

Here’s what it looks like on the map.

This trailhead starts from the bike trail formerly named the John Wayne trail but now called the Palouse to Cascades trail. It is not well marked. Probably by design.

This tree marks the trailhead with “MT WA” carved in it

Assuming you find that, it is steep going for the first two miles or so

There are a lot of rock faces in the lower part of the trail. It is obviously a rocker climbing spot, though we didn’t see any on this day

Lots of rope anchors up there

After about 2 miles through the trees you come to a lookout they call the “Owl Hike Spot” where you get your first view of the Interstate valley. It’s at this point where you stop hearing the cars too.

Mt Si on the other side of the Interstate where all the people are

When you get over the ridge you might get a view of Mt. Rainier like this

and below the Chester Morse Lake and Masonry Pool from where we get our drinking water.

The Seattle municipal water comes from here

I did see one snake. I think it kind of hissed at me as it crossed the trail in front of me. I also saw some flowers

Do you see the bee?

Looks like asparagus


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