Mr. Neutron by Joe Ponepinto (Author Event!)


The Next Book is: Mr. Neutron
The Author is: Joe Ponepinto
Here is a link to a review/synopsis
The meeting location will be: Steve and Vivian’s
April 21, 6:00PM (click to add to your calendar)

In the smallish American city of Grand River, things are not so grand. The river is hopelessly polluted. City officials are in the pockets of oligarchs. And its best hope for meaningful change is a platitude-spouting eight-foot giant named Reason Wilder running for mayor. Gray Davenport, a veteran political operative, isn’t faring much better than his hometown. His wife is about to leave him. He’s working for a mayoral candidate who has no chance to win and who can’t even pay for Gray’s services. When Gray notices that Reason may not be human, Gray embarks on a quest to uncover the truth about Reason’s mysterious origins, and the truth promises to change Grand River and Gray forever. A satirical mashup of Frankenstein and Veep, Mr. Neutron is a hilarious genre-bender that speaks to the unpredictable nature of American politics today.

This is a special event because for the first time we will have the actual author of our book club book in attendance. It should be a great time.