Made some simplifications to the Front Page

I have simplified the front page a bit. That’s what you see when you go to . What you see is dictated by your access rights but I’ve rearranged it so that some of the more obscure and experimental categories no longer show up for the uninitiated user. We don’t want to scare people away :wink:.

If there is a category that you’ve seen before that no longer shows up on the front page, don’t worry. They are still there. You might have to use the category dropdown in the upper left to see it though. Again, what you see there will depend on your access level but here’s what it looks like currently to a non-logged-in person

Just click that all categories dropdown up there to see it. You can also get at them from the hamburger menu in the upper right between the search button and your profile icon (The three horizontal lines that look like a hamburger).

And now I’ve added some icons for a couple of the categories.