List of Past Books

This is a list of past books. For historical purposes :moyai:

Book Date Location
The Last Policeman April 9, 2016 Stan and Laura's
H is for Hawk June 4, 2016 Leslie's
The Queue August 6, 2016 Carol's
George Washington's Secret Six September 18, 2016 Steve and Vivian's
The It Can't Happen Here November 5, 2016 Stan and Laura's
Hillbilly Elegy December 16, 2016 Leslie's
The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu February 12, 2017 Steve & Vivian's
Lopsided: A Memoir March 19, 2017 Stan & Laura's
Hidden Figures May 12, 2017 Leslie's
The Spy June 24, 2017 Steve & Vivian's
Stories of Your LIfe and Others August 26, 2017 Stan and Laura's
Lithium Jesus October 14, 2017 Leslie's
Love and Other Consolation Prizes December 3, 2017 Nick and Shayla's
Bunk: The Rise of Hoaxes, Humbug, Plagiarists, Phones, Post-Facts and Fake News January 27, 2018 Steve and Vivian's
Dune March 18, 2018 Stan and Laura's
Mr. Neutron April 21, 2018 Steve and Vivian's
A Higher Loyalty June 24, 2018 Nick and Shayla's
Bluebeard August 12, 2018 Donald and Michelle's
Marbles: Mainia, Depression, Michelangelo, and Me September 16, 2018 Leslie's
Good Morning, Midnight November 4, 2018 Stan & Laura's
Maggie Terry January 12, 2019 Steve and Vivian's
The Only Woman in the Room March 23, 2019 Leslie's

I have a spreadsheet of about 100 books that we’ve read for book club over the years. It doesn’t include the date or location, just the authors and titles

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Send it to me! I can at least put what we have in here.