Laura's birthday trip to Vancouver

Laura’s birthday is coming up this week, I had some free hotel days available and the currency exchange rate with Canada is pretty favorable to us these days. Thus we decided to spend a long weekend in lovely Vancouver.

Looks like we weren’t the only ones with this idea. A pretty long line at the Peace Arch.

We had lovely weather for most of the trip. The first really nice week of weather this year in these parts. Here is our first day starting at the Olympic cauldron off Coal Harbour.

Looking North across the harbour

Coal Harbour with Stanley Park in the middle-ground

A walk in Stanley Park (which I learned is named for the same guy they named the Cup after).

The Lions Gate Bridge

The trees are at their best right now, pollinating everything in sight.

A pretty nice looking car made by an Italian tractor company

On day 2 we took a water taxi over to Granville Island for the day.

Waiting for the water taxi at David Lam Park along False Creek

There it is!

Looking out towards the west from Granville Island dock

An Islander

Taking in the sights

A whiskey flight at the Liberty Distillery

A night walk at Canada Place

The Olympic Cauldron at night