Kids these days have it so easy, part 1281

I saw this tweet today

And was curious as to what the graph of that function looks like. You can tell that since it is a cosine, it will be sinusoidal and it will be 1 where x=0, but it will dampen out and tend to zero as x increases in either direction.

Back in the olden days when I was taking math courses I would then have to get out some graph paper and a calculator or maybe one of these fancy graphing calculators that the uber-nerds had. But today, you can find graphing calculators on line.

I just typed it in and it graphed it automatically.


You can zoom out and zoom in or change any of the parameters. Gee! I wish we’d have had stuff like this 25 years ago.

LOL, I was just scrolling through twitter and saw an interesting math function. I wondered what the graph looked like and remembered this topic because it linked to the graphing calculator. So I looked it up here and discovered the function I saw today is exactly the same function I talked about here.

So the same function triggered the same reaction in me 9 months apart.