I've Installed a Events plugin on the site for Date/Time topics

I’ve added a plugin to the site that allows you to associate date/time values with topics. This is likely to be the most useful for the Book Club category so I enabled it there. It works like this:

When you create a new topic within a category that has events enabled you’ll see a date picker

Clicking the Add Date and Time button brings up the date picker and allows you to select a date and time for your event.

Topics that have Date/Times will show display them at the top like this

One thing I’d like to add is something that automates a message sent out based on the date/time in a topic but that would require some coding on my part.

There is also a calendar view for a category that allows events. For example, the Book club calendar looks like this

Subscribe to Events Categories

I’ve installed the latest update to the events plugin. You can now subscribe to events. That means you can have them automatically display on your calendar. It’s a bit tricky but here’s how it works:

If you go to a Calendar view, like for instance the Book Club Calendar. You will now see a “subscribe” button in the upper right

When you click that button, you’ll see an iCal url


Copy that URL and go to your calendar. I’ll use Google calendar as an example but other calendar applications should be able to use it also.

Click the “Add a friend’s calendar” button and select “From URL”

Paste the iCal URL into the URL of calendar box

:mega: I’ve found you need to remove the time_zone=blah part from the end of the URL in order for the times to work properly. I’m not sure if this is a plugin bug or an issue with my setup.

Click the Add Calendar link and it should be added to your calendar.

You can also just import individual events directly to your calendar. There is a new button on events topics labeled “Add to Calendar”


You can click that and pick an option. If you don’t have a Google calendar, the .ics File option should work for your calendar.

:mega: I have found that the time information for events added this way is not getting inserted. This is probably a plugin bug. It should get fixed eventually.