Ghosts in the Basement

I was down under the house today prepping the furnace for the oncoming winter. We have a crawl space that is kind of dark and creepy. It’s filled with cobwebs, has a dirt floor, and is too small to stand up in.

I also found something in there that made it even scarier.

It’s a bit gross (but Halloween appropriate) so I’ll blur it out. If you want to see it, click on it.

Poor little guy wasn’t in there the last time I went down there. I guess that must have been in the Spring.

:ghost: Or maybe something even bigger dragged him down there for a meal! :ghost:

Here’s a closer look at his head.

I guess he got in somehow and couldn’t find a way back out. I’m not sure what it is, I think either an opossum or a raccoon. There was no tail I could find but his head looks more like a raccoon to me.

Happy Halloween! :jack_o_lantern: