Finally, A Personality Quiz Backed By Science

This is making the rounds. I’m a big fan of Maggie Koerth-Baker, one of the authors. She wrote a good book about the energy crisis and she’s a Jayhawk!

If you take the quiz by following the link here you’ll be added to my group. I think this just averages the scores between all members. I’m not sure the group feature works very well though.

What, me worry?

I should be in friggin’ Up With People with that Negative Emotionality score.

I’m not really the “Theater Kid” though I was in theater in high school. I also don’t have any problems with drugs though maybe that’s because I don’t partake. I generally avoid things that I think I might become addictive (like video games) because I don’t want them to end up occupying all my time.

I am very agreeable. I do have strong relationships with peers and wasn’t bullied. I think whatever success I’ve achieved is due to my good nature.

I am goal oriented to a pretty high degree and am pretty detail oriented also but I also have a penchant for not finishing things. I guess that’s why I finish in the middle here.

This is pretty stunning. I agree that I am very positive but I didn’t expect to be a zero on negative emotions. I definitely don’t have anxiety, anger or conflict. I’m also always calm. I am satisfied with my job and have been at my jobs for long periods of time.

No surprise here as well. I do have difficulty making friends. I do work alone from home and I live in the American West. I’m not going to be a rancher though.