Ever Seen a Third Order Island?

Take a look at this map

[Click on it to open a map on google maps]

It is a small island up in northern Canada on a lake.

But it’s not just any island.

If you zoom out you’ll see that the lake this island sits on is itself on an island…

…and the lake that that island sits on…

…is Victoria Island

That makes our little friend pictured at the top of this post an island on an island on an island, aka a third-order island.

A couple of other notes from this atlas obscura article where I learned about this place.

  • It’s not the only third-order island in the world but it is probably the largest
  • It was only discovered in 2007 by John Calder
  • It’s possible that no person has ever set foot on this island.

There must be a fourth order island somewhere. What about a rain puddle with an island?