Eightmile Lake Hike

We had originally planned to go to Maple Pass up in the North Cascades on this day. The weather wasn’t looking so good though and it is a long drive to Maple Pass so we decided to find some place a little closer.

We settled on Lake Colchuck near Leavenworth. It was raining most of the way there but nothing too bad. When we got to the trailhead though there were a lot of people there. More than any of us had ever seen.

Rather than join that crowd we decided to back track a bit and hike to Eightmile Lake. It turned out to be a nice walk.

The trail starts out pretty steep for a mile or so but then levels off. Here is the elevation profile.

It was cloudy and raining off an on throughout the day so the views were sporadic.

This is an area where a forest fire went through a few years back.

Along the way, one of the downed logs had a notch cut into it that made a perfect chair.

Once we got to the lake it was pretty stormy so we camped out under a tree and had lunch.

In the end we went just under 7 miles. Not the hike we wanted but enough to enjoy.