The Impeachment

A letter to our Kansas senators
You voted to acquit. You probably considered your options carefully. You must know that history will not look kindly upon your choice, unless in the hopefully unlikely event that the US has drifted into an autocracy that controls how we view history. Perhaps you would like to parse this issue like Senator McConnell did, both condemning Donald Trump’s actions and still voting to acquit, even if it seems a rather tortured kind of rationale. In the end you will probably be judged as bowing to the pressure of those that voted for you. Leadership sometimes means you have to get ahead of your constituents, especially when they have been so grievously misled. You should not minimize the danger the former president exposed us to. As Voltaire said: “Anyone who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” How many millions believed and are still believing? I trust that you are not one of them – just a fellow traveler.