Your PSEC page should be made up of Posts


I just made a lot of changes to the PSEC Awards page that I want to highlight because it demonstrates how I think everyone should be structuring your part of the site.

The top of the page looks like this:

The first three paragraphs and the list below it with the links are static, “page-like” content. That means that they will not change from year to year.

The section below the link list that starts out “2017 Award Nominations Open” is an embedded post. This is dynamic content that changes from month to month or even day to day. I have set up the page so that if you write a post and assign it to the “Awards Banquet” and “Anchor Post” categories it will appear in this window. If you click on the underlined header, you are taken to the post itself

The post lives on at its own URL even after it no longer appears on the page. It gets replaced the next time someone writes a post with those two categories.

I’ve done the same thing a bit lower on the page where the awards recipients are displayed

The header at the top of this image is page text and the two boxes (and the ones further down not appearing here) are embedded posts. I have a dynamic window for each award type.

The nice thing about this setup is that the post can appear on more than one page. Take a look at the Academic Engineer page and you’ll see the same text in a different page that is dedicated to that award only.

Everything is again set up to dynamically change as new posts are created. The next time we announce an award, we just create a post and give it the proper category (Academic Engineer of the Year, in this case) and these two pages will automatically be updated.

As another benefit, the fact that the post was created will register on the front page (assuming I set the category) and it will show up in social media feeds like Hootsuite:

I can now automatically push out notifications to Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

You should consider structuring all you pages like this. Let me know and I can help you set it up.