What is the Objective of the PSEC Site?


I’ve always thought the PSEC site carries (or at least should carry) the following 4 functions. I’ll also list the items on the current website in their category:

  1. General Announcements
    • Home page
    • Events Calendar
    • PSEC Awards
  2. Advocacy
    • PSEC Events (Mentor Nights, Banquet, Fair, Officers Workshop)
    • Volunteer Opportunities
  3. Education
    • Education Page
    • What is Engineering?
    • Ask an Engineer
  4. Records Keeping
    • Meeting Agendas and Minutes
    • Societies Page
    • Background
    • Bylaws

Maybe you think something is missing or perhaps that is too broad. I’d like to ask the members of this group some questions:

  1. What purpose should the PSEC Website serve?
  2. Given your answer to question 1, is there some reason PSEC should be doing that as opposed to someone else (e.g. An individual society website, or a general reference site)? Why should or can only PSEC do it.

So what about using SharePoint instead of Wordpress?