We should probably get an ISOW page up on the site


The ISOW event is coming up. We don’t have any ISOW page on the site now, at least not one that is publicly viewable. We probably should change that if we want to publicize the event. I saw that @jason.salazar sent out an announcement to Dave and Carmen about putting something up there.

Is there anything else we might put there besides the date/time announcement and maybe a brief description? It is on our calendar.

BTW, you can now embed Google calendars here. Here is the PSEC calendar:


Adjustments to the Meeting Agenda and Minutes page

I think a revised short summary describing the event that includes examples of topics used at a few past years events is what is needed. This would be unchanged from year to year and therefore would be the easiest to maintain as the page itself would not have to be modified pre and post event every year. Then the event chair only needs to be able to make a post rather than re-editing a landing page.

The post feed below this summary is currently coded to display the first few lines of each post. I would suggest that this changes to instead have the most recent post displayed on the landing page in it’s entirety. It could also be in a slightly larger font to stand out on that page. I think this would work best because for this annual event there are only two types of posts I ever see being posted - either the post announcing the next upcoming event or the post that gives the last event summary and description. Either of these two posts per year for this annual event can also be edited as needed by the chair as well rather than making another updated post if needed.

Note: The links in the body of the home landing page that lists ISOW as one of the PSEC events, links directly to a post summary from last year’s event as a placeholder. I do not know of a way to have the tabs on on the left of our site that normally takes us to their respective landing pages instead link directly to a post temporarily.

Perhaps we can decide to hide/remove the ISOW tab on the left until the committee chair is able to provide the preferred content for a landing page?


I like the idea of using a post with the latest event loaded into a static page. The ideal I think (not just for ISOW but any page) is for all of its dynamic content to be posts. That fits the Wordpress model which is oriented towards the Post as the main thing. You need a higher level of access to modify Pages, for instance.

I think the best way to execute that would be through the Categories system. Right now we have an officers-workshop category. Any post assigned to that category will go on the ISOW page because there is a code in the page like this:

[catlist name="officers-workshop" date="yes" excerpt="yes" orderby=date]

You could create another category, like officers-workshop-top or officers-workshop-main or something and put in a code like

[catlist name="officers-workshop-top" content=yes numberposts=1]

into the ISOW page. That would only hold the most recent post assigned to that category. You could also assign the post to other categories simultaneously to make it appear multiple places (e.g. the front-page category). I like this as a general kind of arrangement.

[added] I should point out that using the content=yes code in a page can be dangerous because if you are including a post that also has an include code you can get into an infinite recursion situation. That could crash the server.


I implemented a strategy for mixing page and post content for the ISOW page. It works like this:

  • There is a new AnchorPost category.
  • I altered the ISOW page with the following category code
[catlist name="officers-workshop+mainpost" content=yes numberposts=1]

Notice I have two categories listed in the name code. They are separated by a plus sign. I set content to yes and numberposts to 1. This means that a post will show up on the ISOW page is the following are true:

  • It is assigned to the OfficersWorkshop category
  • It is also assigned to the AnchorPost category
  • It is the most recent post meeting these criteria

A poster can change the content of the Officers page simply by creating a new post. It will replace the existing one if it exists.

This also allows us to maintain control over the pages at the Editor level. Users at Author level can create posts but not pages. I would suggest that the person in charge of ISOW be compelled to write a post for the event and publish it at some point before the event.

It can also be displayed on the front page by assigning it to the FrontPage category.

How does this sound @PSECDesignCommittee? If this works out ok, I think we should implement this for other events like the banquet and fair events. Perhaps the Awards page too.


I have this in place now on the Officers Workshop page. What I like about this setup:

  • Authors can control what appears on the page which has a permanent URL
  • When an author creates a post to go into that page slot, it automatically appears on the most recent posts section on the navigator
  • The post can also slot into the FrontPage category easily and appear there.

Question: what goes into that Anchor Page slot after the event is over? My first thought is an event report.


I like this set up because:

  1. It allows PSEC Reps and event chairs the ability to update a page without having to be at the Editor level.

  2. I believe a set of instructions to make a post can be made simple and straightforward.

  3. It will be the easiest for PSEC to continually update without taking time away from other webmaster support time.