The Portland E-Week Event discussion


Continuing the discussion from How do we make the Awards Banquet an Event?:

I figured I’d make this a separate topic. It was brought up as a model that the PSEC might want to emulate. The person who knows the most about it is @mpowers123. Mark, could you maybe give us an overview?

Some questions:

  • What kinds of things should we take from what they are doing in Portland?
  • Is there a Portland contact we can take advantage of to learn more?
  • How much would doing something like this cost, roughly?


Things to take away from what they are doing:

  1. Students with the necessary aptitudes and the desire to participate are identified by high school math and science teachers.

  2. The planning committee works through the engineering societies to identify engineers who are willing to participate.

  3. Each engineer sponsors 1 or 2 high school students at a cost of about $75 per student. The engineer must also pay his or her way for another $75. Many companies reimburse the engineer.

  4. In the past, the event started off with the engineer picking up the student at home or at school. The engineer would then drive the student to his workplace for a tour, conversations with other engineers and managers, etc. I often received organizational charts and other helpful information. Today, I believe these tours are frequently replaced with group tours of large local engineering projects.

  5. After the tour, the student and the engineer go to the Red Lion Hotel across from Macy’s at Lloyd Center. A large banquet is held with hundreds of students and engineers. Before and after the banquet, exhibits are on display by universities, engineering societies, recruiters, large employers, computer and calculator manufacturers, book publishers, etc.

  6. One or more keynote speakers talk about what it means to be an engineer as well as an engineering project of national or international importance.

  7. Also during the banquet, recognition is give to the organizers, to the officers of the engineering societies, etc. In the past, I believe that the banquet was also used to present the engineering awards.

There are several ways to contact the folks in Portland:

  1. Go to the website and leave a message. The website is at The message page is at

  2. Contact the Portland area chapters of the engineering societies.

  3. Go through Facebook at

  4. Past contact-

  5. Approximate cost – about 500 engineers paying $150-$225 each. A similar event is held in SE Washington and NE Oregon at a cost of about $15 per person covering the food. The event is usually held at a school of some kind. You can probably find out more about their event from the Columbia Chapter of ASCE. If buses are provided for the tours, the cost of a number of charter buses might need to be paid by some organization.


Thanks, @mpowers123. I agree with @jason.salazar that we should bring this up again at the PSEC kickoff meeting for the next program year. We should look for ways that the website can facilitate some of this though I suspect we will need a lot of help to make it work.


At the June 2016 meeting, @mpowers123 presented a charter document for this. I am putting a link here for reference.