Should we have an image atttribution policy on the site?


At the March Council meeting we got into a discussion about photographs on the PSEC website. Most of the images on the PSEC site are just snapshots taken by PSEC members. The exception is the PSEC Awards Banquet. We normally hire a professional photographer to take photos at the banquet.

A picture on a website is viewable by the general public and can be copied and used (and modified) by others for any purpose. This isn’t necessarily a good thing. In a worst case scenario, say we take a photo of a kid at the Engineers Fair. A parent may not be ok with having a photo of their child on a public website and it could open PSEC up to legal issues.

Is this a problem? Should we do something about this?


I think that it would be polite to ask people when they arrive at the event if they have any objections to appearing in photos on our website. If they object, we could give a red baseball cap to designate the person as someone who should be kept out of photos. We could get a written consent from the student and the parents in case of minors before the event. Any minors who walk in without parental consent could be given red caps. That way, we can demonstrate that we are taking reasonable efforts to prevent photos being posted on our website when the folks in the photos don’t want their images used. The only thing that we could do to be sure that the wrong images aren’t used is to take photos of the people who don’t want their photos posted. That way, we could compare the images to make sure that we don’t have the faces of the “red hat” people on the website.