PSEC volunteer vs. PSEC Rep. designation on website discussion


How does PSEC designate PSEC volunteers who have attended the PSEC meetings as listed in either the agendas or meeting minutes displayed on the PSEC webpage? It may appear the designation that lists a society in parenthesis following a name indicates the person is a Rep for that society to PSEC. Is this the intention? For those of us that are not a designated PSEC Rep by a corresponding society in which we cannot vote on behalf of that society, and who may just be members of one or more of PSEC member societies, should the designation of (PSEC) or another designation be used instead?


I think we’ve always been pretty loose about how that is used. For example, I have never officially represented the IEEE but I am always listed as IEEE in the minutes.

Part of the reason I haven’t done what you suggest is that I don’t always know from year to year who is a representative and how isn’t. Also, sometimes a person might be acting as a representative in the context of an agenda item and as an officer in another.

My suggestion is that I could put a column in the attendance sheet that lets you check off if you are a PSEC Representative and I can add that to the minutes. Does that sound like a good idea?


I don’t know if that is the solution. I also don’t know if there is necessarily problem either. I appreciate your idea and response. This may just be a mute point.