Anything else to be doing with Mentor Nights?


The Mentor Nights page(s) look to be in pretty good shape. Jason is doing a great job of keeping things up to date over there.

That doesn’t mean it can’t be improved of course. I’ve created this topic so we can discuss that. Is there anything else we should be doing with Mentor Nights on the website? How can we encourage more participation, by students and mentors? Could we offer on-line mentoring of some kind? Any other ideas?


With community college students as the primary audience, it would be great to have brochures from ABET approved engineering programs which provide transfer credit for the courses at the particular community college. I just found a “2+2” program at Lamar University in Industrial Engineering. This is the only ABET IE online program in the country. The student studies for 2 years to get the usual coursework in math, physics, engineering mechanics, etc. at a community college. The last two years, which are primarily industrial engineering coursework, are studied online. There is a requirement to go to Beaumont, Texas for one lab on one weekend for one course in the program. It sure would be great if we could provide literature about similar programs in other engineering disciplines at our Mentor Nights. Perhaps we could be the go-betweens that get the community colleges and “2+2” programs talking so that students are not surprised by credits that can’t be transferred. Steve says that transfer credit is a huge problem among the students that participate in Mentor Nights.


I think our primary audience is the Mentor Volunteers, however students and college faculty are also our audience too. I agree that I would be helpful to have a resource section for students that we can add content to over time.


Welcome @jason.salazar! Regarding this student resource section: are you talking about Engineering related resources like the credit transfer programs @mpowers123 is talking about or resources about Mentor Nights?

What would you like to see in this resources section?


Is this what you’re talking about @mpowers123?

I guess my question is how do we decide which programs are “worthy” of our endorsement? Perhaps we specifically say to don’t endorse any particular program but it still looks like we are if we have their brochure at the table.

Maybe it’s not a big deal, what do you think?


Any credit transfer program information would have to be general information and only used as a guide to help students to prepare when they visit their respective advisers. Part of my advice from personal experience to students at Mentor nights is to tell them to visit their advisers early and often throughout their academic path as there are so many details that are constantly being updated, and every University regardless of offering an ABET program are all unique.

We can add example handouts from Mentors in the past have created that help answer student questions about the engineering as a career as one example. And, perhaps encourage mentors to write-up a handout to be added to a list available for students on our Mentor page. For example I think it would be great if one for IE included information about the “2+2” ABET IE online program in it as a great place for tips like this to be collected.