Adjustments to the Meeting Agenda and Minutes page


Based on the setup I implemented for the ISOW page I was thinking about how I could make the Council Meetings page a bit more usable. Here’s my idea:

  • The AnchorPost category can be used to show the most recent meeting’s minutes normally as a full text post. This shows anyone who goes there what we did most recently.
  • A week or so before each meeting, the AnchorPost category gets assigned to the next meeting’s agenda again as a full text post. This is the primary thing someone would want to see on this page at that time so it makes sense to me that it should supplant the most recent minutes. The minutes are still linked from within the agenda so it is still only a click away for those who need to reveiw them.
  • After the minutes are posted for a meeting, that post becomes the new AnchorPost replacing the agenda.
  • There should be a past minutes section below the anchor post that is just a list of the most recent n minutes posts where n is whatever we want to put. There is really no reason to have a list of the old agendas. They are no longer relevant after the meeting.

The page content would continue to show general information about meetings that always apply (where they are, who should come, how to prepare, etc.)

Any other suggestions on what we should do here?


I went ahead and implemented this. The page looks like this:

Agendas for the meeting are posted here roughly a week before the meeting. 
Make suggestions and corrections in the comments field of the agenda document.

[catlist name="meetings+mainpost" content=yes numberposts=1]

Previous Meeting Minutes

Minutes are posted after the meeting below.

[catlist name="minutes" date="yes" excerpt=yes orderby=date]


This makes sense to make it updating this page easier for any new secretary officers of PSEC that may not also be our webmaster and/or do not have the Editor level access. Although Stan, I am hopeful we can get your help as Secretary from year to year in our future years as needed - it ties so well your support as our webmaster and you continue to help our organization tremendously.


Thank, @jason.salazar. I suspect I will be doing the secretary duties for at least another year.